This is a list of some recruiters known to us. They are roughly ranked by how well they have performed for us in our own searches. Read the notes at the end of the page about how to use recruiters.

(This list was updated in June 2001)

Company Comments

Programmers, Inc

Mike Martin - 805-648-4414
Fax: 805-648-5760
Very professional. Insists on personally interviewing candidates before passing the resume to the client company.

NCC (affiliated with SB Placement)

Jennifer Veblen - 805-963-0433
Fax: 805-730-1689
Santa Barbara
My current favorite. Has yielded several candidates for our searches. Very professional demeanor. Can even find overseas RF engineers: Found two for Dean at Sensus.

Career Catalyst

Tome LeMay / Scott Reimann / Linda LeMay - 805-493-5535
Fax: 805-493-5536
Thousand Oaks
Specializes in RF related jobs.

Tech Connector

Priscilla Jacobson - 805-496-3994
Cannot find in 2001!!!
Highly professional, has yielded many good candidates for my own searches in 1997-98. Seems to understand engineering. - 2001: Where did she go ?

Modis (MiniSystems)

Sharon Pavico - 805-564-7813
Santa Barbara
Always seemed to understand engineering well, and very professional, but did not seem to be plugged in to the network companies. - 2001: Where did she go ?

How to Use Recruiters

A recruiter is a middleman who helps employers find people, and helps people find employers. For this they get paid by the employer. Typically 15%-20% of the annual salary of the employee.

Using a recruiter is expensive to the employer, and many employers will not use them unless they are failing to fill the positions by other means. Most hiring managers are biased AGAINST candidates brought in by recruiters. For this reason you should never go through a recruiter when contacting an employer you already know has openings. By not requiring the company to pay a large referral fee to a recruiter, you leave the company with a little extra money that may be available to offer a higher salary, a sign-on bonus or a better relocation package.

A good recruiter will ask you which companies you have already contacted. Most will be willing to ask your permission before sending resumes to prospective employers, or at least to notify you immediately after they have sent it out. This is especially important if you are working with more than one recruiter: You need to keep track of which recruiter has presented you where, and especially avoid a situation where two recruiters send your resume to the same employer.