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IBM 1440 Data Processing System

From IBM publication GA24-3116-3, 10/1966.

The printer on the left is the 1445.

"You may count yourself lucky to be sufficiently inexperienced with it not to recognize it on sight. I know of no other printer which could throw a major piece of itself out one side (Beware, bystanders!) and, upon having that major piece smartly _SMACKED_ back into the machine, pick up where it left off."
Certainly the card device is the 1442 reader/punch.
"It was also, er, um, _interesting_. If you did not also have a separate reader (I forget the number), you read and punched from the same hopper. We had the reader for the 1440, but not for our 1130. At least once some poor soul gang-punched his "Job card" into his entire input deck."
Next in the line-up is the 1441 processor cabinet with the 1447 console in front of it. The disk drives look like they might be 2311 but are in fact probably 1311s.
"These were a predecessor of the 2311, which was an upgraded unit designed for the later System/360 line. IBM tended to do that. The RAMAC 305 disk system was re-tooled as the 1405, then extensively modified to become the 1301. The 1311 was designed for the second-generation (1401/1440 etc) and then reworked for the 360."

"You probably don't want to get me started on the ancestry of the various peripherals for the 1130, althought working on them was a really good introduction to the sort of programming (embedded systems, minimal cost) that was to occupy me for 24 years."

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