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Computer Genealogy

Genealogy - the study of family history and lineages - used to be an arcane hobby, pursued by people with an accountant's craving for detail, and an affinity for dust. The personal computer has transformed this into an exciting reason to get together with your distant cousins. All the dirty, boring recordkeeping on little 3"x5" index cards that would always get mixed up, has given way to hyperlinked databases that show lineage relationships graphically and allow easy searching.

The Mormon Church has this guide for beginners in genealogy research.

Tools for Family Trees

Family Tree for Katherine Poulsen

What is this with Mormons and Genealogy ?

The Church of Latter-Day Saints of Jesus Christ (popularly called the Mormon Church) pursues family history research as a religious duty; Mormon doctrine states that families can be together in Eternity, but only of they are baptized into the Church. Mormon doctrine allows baptism by proxy of dead ancestors under certain conditions. It is thus incumbent on the faithful to identify ancestors who may qualify. To aid in this mission, a huge historical research effort is sponsored by the LDS Church, and the research libraries supporting this effort are available to other genealogists, who are encouraged to share their data. The entry to this fountain of information is the "International Genalogical Index" (IGI) published on a set of about a hundred CD-ROM discs, available for searching at each of several hundred Family History Centers worldwide and on-line at FamiliSearch.Org.
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